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Enabling Quality Cardiovascular
Medical Care

The mission of AngioPlex™ is to develop and manage an innovative medical
facility that provides comprehensive (cardiovascular and peripheral) vascular
solutions to partnering hospitals, physicians and patients from around the world.

To accomplish this mission, AngioPlex is committed to excellence in specialized medical procedures, continual investment in medical education and research, development and application of new technology and delivering access to affordable medical care.

AngioPlex provides necessary basic management services for selected vascular medical groups to develop and operate a state-of-the-art cardiovascular medical facility center (AngioSuite™) based in Los Angeles, California.

AngioPlex is also committed to opening local diagnostic centers (AngioLabs™) in partner hospitals around the world to enable patients worldwide to have access to quality care in the AngioSuite. Additionally, through the working relationship between AngioLabs and AngioSuite physicians, incubation and development of new medical devices will be realized.

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