AngioLabs in the Asian Market

AngioPlex is now expanding into the international healthcare market by partnering with established hospitals and physicians based in Asia to set up local AngioLab diagnostic centers. Each AngioLab will serve to further educate patients about specialized medical procedures available in the United States and will assess and screen patient candidates for treatment at the AngioSuite. Additionally, partnering hospitals and physicians will have access to advanced medical training and will gain exposure to new devices before they become available in their own country.
AngioLab Infrastructure
AngioPlex will design and install an AngioLab diagnostic center at each partnering facility in Asia. Every AngioLab will be equipped with technology and systems to seamlessly work together with the AngioSuite. This will comprise all essential administrative, management and business operation tools including computer hardware, communications and medical record-keeping systems.
Advanced Medical Training
Each AngioLab will have the ability to draw on the unique experience of expert AngioSuite physicians and utilize access to available simulator equipment advanced training in leading-edge medical procedures. Asian-based physicians may also have the opportunity to view live cases at the AngioSuite to gain procedural knowledge of interventional techniques and exposure to the most current medical devices available.
Networking for Business Development
AngioPlex management will draw on their particular area of expertise to identify unique opportunities for partnerships, suppliers and/or potential sources of capital. This will enable each AngioLab and partnering hospital to enrich business development efforts and increase presence within the local area.
Increased Visibility and Validation
The AngioPlex team and the worldwide peer recognition of AngioSuite physicians convey a professional endorsement that will enhance the prominence of each partner hospital within the international healthcare market.
Medical Device Incubator
AngioPlex is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the clinical expertise and influence of AngioSuite physicians to identify and develop innovative medical devices. Consistent with its mission to invest in medical education and research, AngioPlex will manage all aspects of product development from concept to prototype creation, through design verification/validation, manufacturing and regulatory approval for commercialization. Through AngioLabs, each partnering hospital group will be able to contribute to the incubation of these new medical devices at various points in the incubation and development process.